PARO is clinically
proven to lower
anxiety, stress,
pain & depression


What is PARO Seal?

PARO was created by Japanese engineer, Dr Takanori Shibata, in 2004, initially to bring psychological enrichment and joy to senior citizens with dementia. The lifelike seal has been enhancing patient engagement in care facilities around the world ever since.

Why PARO Seal?

For adults and children alike, play is an important way to open the many closed doors experienced when living with neurological or cognitive disorders.

PARO can be used to help those with:

  • Dementia, emotional and behavioural distress
  • Cognitive disorders
  • Developmental disorders
  • PTSD & Social isolation
  • Palliative and hospice care
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PARO is a complement to non-pharmacological approaches in dementia care, palliative care and for children and adolescents with developmental disorders. PARO can also be used to combat cognitive decline and depression by providing companionship to those who are socially isolated.

Improve Socialisation

PARO provides emotionally focused conversations and can help improve speech fluency, while also supporting non-verbal expression.


Sensory interaction with PARO encourages nurturing instincts, empowering patients to become the carer instead of the cared-for.

Stimulates interaction

PARO loves attention and responds with an array of emotions and gestures, engaging people who might usually be withdrawn.

Reduces patient distress

PARO is a comforting, soothing companion who promotes wellbeing by allowing users to explore their playful side.

Supports caregivers

PARO creates shared experiences between caregivers and patients and attracts attention, leading to group interactions.

Advanced, interactive, therapeutic & cuddly!


PARO is based on multiple interactive sensors.


£6,000 ex. VAT‎

Buying PARO Seal

Bring the benefits of PARO’s compassionate companionship to your own care setting.

The therapeutic seal is now available in the UK & Republic of Ireland, exclusively from Sense Medical.

Colour: Tan

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